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Use Current Fed 1 day.
< br/> In this one-day course, users learn how to enter data into Federal, printing the statements and do backups.

Creating Reports in Federal 1 day.

It is in this day learn to change and adapt the presentation of existing reports and create new reports.

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in Federal Building Queries 1 day.

In the course of a day, this is about the many file query options, to meet the more specific questions.

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Training in Accounting Descartes
organization of the accounting entry 1 day.
This day allows users to prepare their entries and entered and classify accounting records to easily find any item.
 o Entering newspapers and writes per year.
o Printing states.
o Bank Reconciliation and lettering parts.

Closing Operations exercise 1 day.
In this day, users learn how to conduct closing operations of the financial year:
 o Checks prior to closing.
o impresssion of closure documents.
o Data Archiving and opened the following year.
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Using concerted office 1 day.

  In this one-day course, this is to enable users to be efficient with their word processing and spreadsheets, in harmony with Descartes software:

 o Mail Merge in Word from the Federal Data
 o Reporting Presentation in Excel from the accounting results
 o Sending emails from Fed data

The morning to build his
website June 24

After an overall presentation
  • allowing everyone to upload content,

we will guide you individual in
  • the realization of your website
    from your laptop (1)

led by Henri Cesbron Lavau, assisted by Michel

This morning was much appreciated. Here are some testimonies:

I enjoyed the collective training session you busy with Michel Coudreuse June 23 on the website design with Joomla tool.

It was concrete, clear, and I see how much better I can design my site, you are entrusting to . Furthermore the realization and accommodation as part of your proposal of service quality/price ratio is attractive

PC² - Philippe Copello Consulting

Thanks again for the training session this morning. In no time you managed to convince me that my goal is achievable. If I entrust the initial development of my site and its accommodation in Descartes, I'll probably be able to make my own evolution. It should of course I continue the learning effort, effort probably my reach. In all cases you could address all the concepts required in one morning. Also thank you for the generosity of your offer.

Stone Nassif

Participation: EHT 125 (TTC if individually)

8 participants max. 2 animators 8h45-12h30 Paris 2 °

Register by clicking this link :
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(1) If you wish, we can provide a computer for the morning.

Training Centre No. 11750918075