We carry out bespoke websites

Here are some of our recent achievements.

Site Collet Consulting
This site created by Descartes allows this expert on air transport and airports to be href="http://www.google.com/search?q=économie+prospective+aérien" a beautiful place on the Internet

< img class="album" src="/descartes/images/stories/site/x-mines-consult_thumb.png" style="border: none" alt="Site X-Mines-Consult"/> < br/> This site created by Descartes allows the association of more than 500 engineers to organize missions, meetings and communications

 Site-management asociatif
This site produced by Descartes collaboratin with internet consultant Remy Birambeau
Associative Management allows the association to recruit participants in training


We provide a complete service
from design to realization,
as well as the launch, hosting, support, maintenance and SEO.

We provide collaborative work tools:
  • Read and share emails
  • Manage and share contacts
  • To plan and share calendar and appointments
  • Organize and manage team projects
  • Manage, assign tasks and share
  • Centralize and share your documents
  • Write to several
  • Connect the work in a single document

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We believe it is the will Policy Development of the federation or association that governs the entire associative approach: the projection in the field will be different depending on whether one wishes to strengthen the centralization or decentralization and tools must be adapted to each case

They must also fit coherently with.
o communication of the association
o the < strong> Management Daily
o and vision strategic long
o while taking account of existing .

We offer the organization that takes into account your goals
the best of your political, human, material and budget.