The team organization and development process is based on 4 pole Descartes

  1. Team development
  2. L Team test
  3. Team integration
  4. Team Production

Once the specifications with the customer, it is provided to the development team.
This builds a model is presented to the customer for validation.

The goal is to have all the necessary accuracy as early as possible: it is easier to move a window on a plane once the house built . < br/> In the same vein, the location is less determined by the other elements in the more mass phase than in the next phase of the plan details.

The master once adapted and approved, we build a game data covering the maximum possible situations (single enregsitré visitor/member/writer/editor/organizer/adminsitrateur for example).

The team Development has its tools and testers comes to draw from all or part of the environment that it considers utilie.

Team test restarts each test campaign an environment identical to the production environment.

The tested elements that require additional technical adaptation returned to the development team.
Those who have passed all tests unit and functional details of sets SOINT sent to the integration team.

Team integration performs a final check in a pre-production environment identical to the production environment at both the application level and at the level of the data.

After successful integration, it is shown to the customer which approves .

It is then set Production .

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