PhpCamp .
It will be held at La Cantine from 10:00 to 18:00.
There is a href="" BarCamp , ie an appointment during which professionals :
- Each of the 80 participants present in 3 words
- Topics of proposals to be processed are pooled and organized on a table
- The presentation / discussion groups will then form the hours and depending on the subjects in the various poles of La Cantine, 151, rue Montmartre Paris 2

href="" Register --> The AFUP (French Association of PHP Users) of which we are an active member held Saturday, June 7 its first PhpCamp .

It was held at La Cantine, a space open to all, 151 rue Montmartre Paris 2 from 10:00 to 18:00 where we found ourselves.

It was a href="" BarCamp , ie appointment of a professional during which :

- Each of the 40 participants showed up in 3 words (labels or tags), most often focused on PHP, but open to serendipity (a term that has circulated). So we had: PHP, Zend Framework, RIA ( href="" Rich Internet Application), ORM ( Object Mapping Relatioal ) but also development environments ... sustainable resources

- Topics of proposals to deal were pooled and organized on a table: some directly from the tags as ORM, RIA, Framewrok, other comers proposals then made by the participants as Bug Tracking, IDE development, etc.

- The presentation / discussion groups then formed the hours and depending on the subjects in the various poles of La Cantine. There were two, sometimes three subjects simultaneously, which meant to choose.

Each brought its experience or simply questions. The conclusions were often mixed. What was very interesting is to have had the opportunity to understand the context of their validity over the many exchanges of the day and come away with an impressive amount of links and contacts.